Schoups is a medium-sized Belgian law firm with offices in Antwerp and Brussels. The firm offers personalised legal services to national and international clients in the business world. Our team of specialists (65 lawyers) covers the main legal areas that are important for companies.

Our firm organises the work in several different practice groups; Public Procurement Law and PPP, Private Construction Law, Business law, Environmental Law,  Employment Law, Real Estate & Project Development, Arbitration, Mediation & ADR and Insurance Law. Our lawyers specialise in their respective fields with a view to assuring a high-quality provision of services.

An internship at Schoups is a perfect way to get a first impression of what being a lawyer is all about. Instructive assignments, excellent guidance and pleasant conversations with the team ensure an unforgettable summer internship.

Reem Shehata, Summer Trainee 2020

(...) You also feel that you are part of this team from day one, so it doesn't seem as if you are only doing an internship there for 'just a month'.

Kristof Van Keer, Summer Trainee 2020

Everyone is always ready to help you if necessary. Sufficient consultation moments are planned, where your opinion counts as well.

Linde Boekaerts, Summer Trainee in 2019, trainee lawyer since October 2019

The summer internship introduced me to all facets of what being a lawyer entails.

Kiandro Lebon, Summer Trainee in 2019, trainee lawyer since October 2019

During this traineeship I received a very broad and clear view of what working as a lawyer today is really like.

Charlotte Reyns , Summer trainee 2018

I would definitely recommend a summer traineeship at Schoups for those who want to make a first acquaintance with day-to-day life as a lawyer in an instructive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Daan Degrande, Summer trainee 2018

A traineeship at Schoups is characterised by a combination of specialisation, a pragmatic approach and collegiality. Schoups places great importance on the education and personal growth of its trainees.

Pauline Van Bogaert , Third-year junior associate

Every file at Schoups is a fresh challenge that I´m delighted to take up, with room for initiative and creativity.

Jef Feyaerts, Associate

The trainees are supervised by a dynamic team, in which everyone is enthusiastic about giving high-quality training. The team is readily available and they take the time to give feedback or advice.

Melissa Olivotto, Associate